Wisdom Teeth

I'm sorry I have been so distant my dear friends. I had a little bit of a fiasco getting my wisdom teeth out last week, but now I am almost up and running again. 

While I was sitting around my parent's house, I made a little creation that I am excited to bring to college. What do you think?

This last picture is a little self indulgent, but I have been feeling kind of icky, so I put on a new little dress and took this picture, haha. 


Sanaa. said...

Wisdom teeth! John Paul has to get his out too! I'm super jealous of that backpack, it is so neat and well done! I also like the little cut out on the back of your dress. I'm coming back to Tulane tomorrow so hopefully I can pop in on you and Sara at some point :)

Olivia said...

Thank you! I am such a nerd about this backpack, way too excited for my own good. Oh no, I hope that John Paul's teeth come out easily! I am actually not going to be back in New Orleans until the 22. I am going to Chicago soon to see some beautiful architecture! Yay! I can't wait to see you though. I feel like such a geek being so excited for school to start.

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