The cycle of life - the continuous movement from the hills of excitement to the valleys of exhaustion - is like the never ending sine curve. At the beginning of our conscious life we are at the origin, neutral, innocent. Life begins, and at x = π/2, we have reached our first human achievement, perhaps a first step. y=1. We continue, x = 3π/2, we are now walking - a little Godzilla ravaging the knickknacks of our childhood home - but we slip and fall. y=-1. This cycle continues throughout our lives: first date, y=1, first break up, y=-1, graduating college, y=1, then realizing I'm up to my eyeballs in debt, y=-1. Perhaps we are too often looking for the next hill of excitement, scraping to escape the valley of exhaustion. I beg the reader to contemplate the moments of pause while sliding down the hill of excitement.

The hill of excitement is a deeply drawn breath. Full of life, our heart starts pumping, and blood pressure rises. As we let out our breath, let us expel the pressure and worries of the day. Before filling ourselves again let us gather and share a harmonious 'Ohmmmm.' Our voices find each other and create a unified song. This allows us to process our hills of excitement and provides friends to help us crawl out of the valleys of exhaustion. The pause after a culmination is sometimes more sweet than the event itself.