Art Kollektiv

Year: 2013, fourth year architecture studio, fall semester, Danish Institute for Study Abroad 
Duration: 3 weeks
Studio Instructor: Bo Christiansen
Hardware/Software: Foam Cutter, AutoCad, Rhino, Grasshopper for Rhino, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

First floor plan (click to enlarge)

Second floor plan (click to enlarge)

Redeveloping a currently unused manmade island in the Copenhagen harbor in Denmark, this project creates an informal art city from the large paper warehouses on the site, Figure 1. By initially eliminating the warehouse at the center of the island, a large piazza creates a public gathering space for the community. Commercial spaces line this piazza encouraging commerce from local residents and people from the larger community. A large art center on the south west corner of the island promotes public views to the beautiful harbor and blocks winter winds from residences and the piazza. This art house features flexible studio spaces, a contemporary art museum featuring local artists, and other  Figure 2. Cutting views through the large warehouse mass promotes views through the site and provides light to the center of the former warehouse spaces, Figure 3. These views become pedestrian and car circulation through the site, Figure 4. Hollowing the center of the remaining warehouse masses allow for smaller communal courtyards in residential areas, Figure 5. The distribution of program centers commercial areas around the piazza. Mixed use surrounds the major circulation routes, and residential areas fills out the more remote areas of the island. In addition, each block has its own little art center whose program and design is decided by the residences of the block. 

Views around neighborhood, looking through art center (click to enlarge)