Community Credit Union

Year: 2012, second year architecture studio, spring semester, Tulane Univeristy
Duration: 3 weeks
Studio Instructor: Michael Crosby
Studio Coordinator: John Klingman
Hardware/Software: Autocad, Rhino, V-ray for Rhino, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

View of street side cafe (click to enlarge)

A Transparent Banking System in New Orleans, Louisiana

In a narrow site of only 17' wide on Carondelet Avenue, the program demanded for all floors to have connection to one another and form a cohesive whole. Visual connection from the staggered floor plates, interwoven circulation, weblike structural members, and aluminum perforated panels display the transparency of a community based credit union.

1. A programmatic box fills out entire buildable space
2. A cut out housing a cafe incorporates street life
3. A grand staircase filters throughout the building
4. Punched holes allow increased visibility
5. The structural members reflect interior visual connections

View from third floor staff area to cafe below (click to enlarge)

Longitudinal section (click to enlarge)

Floor plans (click to enlarge)