Mousetrap Exquisite Object

Year: 2011, first year architecture studio, second semester, Tulane University
Duration: 7 weeks
Studio Instructor: Andrew Liles
Studio Coordinator: Tiffany Lin
Software/Hardware: hand drawing, Adobe illustrator and photoshop
Featured in the Journal of Architectural Education in the article "Figure It In" by Tiffany Lin

The Mousetrap 

The mouse spent his life in a shanty cabin with a lonesome fourth-three year old bachelor, who he thought should not mind his company. Perhaps he even appreciated the little mouse on a particularly lonely day. They never interacted directly, but their common solidarity united them. On a rainy afternoon, the mouse spotted a piece of cheese the that man set on the floor for him. Moved by the generous gesture, the mouse scampered toward the treat. Then suddenly, the quick blow of a cold blooded snap and crack crushed the little mouse. He never saw it coming.

The Exquisite Object (click to enlarge)

This project includes a study and exhibition of the essence of a small mechanical object.
A drawing series aided in discovery of the power, irregularity, violence, and compelling nature of the mousetrap, and
documents the movement of the object. The exhibition case illustrates these characteristics in an effort to explain the
essence of the exquisite object.

Serial sections of exhibition case (click to enlarge)

Exhibition case photos (click to enlarge)

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