Balancing Plane Extension

Year: 2012, third year architecture studio, fall semester, Tulane University
Duration: 3 weeks
Studio Instructor: David Merlin
Studio Coordinator: Kentaro Tsubaki
Hardware/Software: band saw, table saw, Rhino, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

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Four units become one.

The given units are plywood, approximately 12"x16"x3/4." The two added units are solid wood, varying slightly in size
to the plywood pieces. The project represents a continuation of movement past the tangible object. As the four units become
one, they do so both visually and physically. The direction of grain draws the eye from one piece to the next. Their end
connections are a union of the wood in a dovetail formation. As the project's arms reach into space, the space responds by
intertwining with the wood. The space senses where to flow.

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