02 Week in pictures

Some pictures from the recent...

1. Japanese Magnolia season  2. Loving this spring weather  3. Oz enjoying Mardi Gras  4. Tree hugging a building AKA major foundation problems  5. Kayleigh's pretty nail's  6. Camellia Grill with Sara  7. More Japanese Magnolias  8. More site visits in the Marigny  9. Camel on Campus!

I have a theory about why couples have hook up after having a fight. I recently heard that anger is a secondary emotion; meaning, it is an emotion in response to another emotion. If a couple is fighting, each person probably feels hurt and vulnerable. Their anger arises from a sadness of being wronged or not accepted. They hook up, and their brain releases all kinds of crazy endorphins. The endorphins make them feel better. They are no longer hurt or sad. Problem solved. However, the root problem is never addressed. The cycles starts again.